Monday, December 27, 2010

We need clips

We need a reasonable amount of them. None have come in recently. Urgent plea.

Clips can be salvaged from Fujifil Quickloads, Kodak Readyloads, and any Polaroid 4x5 sheet films. Send the whole sleeve if you can, with the clip. Labs, don't throw these out please! Send them to us.

Readers, please tweet this, FB it, and send this message to any labs you use for 4x5.

72 Nickerson Rd
Ashland MA 01721


Zoe Wiseman said...

All my clips will go to you! As soon as I shoot something. ;) I threw it out into cyberspace for you.

Bob Crowley said...


Thanks! Clips and sleeves of ALL kinds. We can use them! Even the Readyload and Quickload sleeves. These get used up fast in experiments.

This week talking with the formulator of the receiver sheet coating. Then the coating companies, then clip companies, paper cutting firms, die makers, pod makers guild, and gnomes of all sorts. I hope there are some 4x5 photogs left!

Jason said...

Hey Bob,
Are used Polaroid sleeves still good to you too? It's just the clip you are after right?
Fantastic work you are doing here!

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Jason,

Usually the Polaroid sleeves are torn when used, so they are not easily re-used. But Kodak and Fuji sleeves can and should be reclaimed and reused. And yes, please send the clips if you have them, from any of the the single sheet 4x5 materials mentioned here. Also, I will need a couple of dead 8x10 Polaroid sheets to show vendors soon, and I can patch them, so, any condition on the 8x10s.