Friday, October 1, 2010

Kodak reports that sales of films are INCREASING

Hard to believe, but believe it - EKC's US marketing person for their pro films Scott DiSabato has reported that film sales are up, and that EVEN BLACK AND WHITE FILM SALES HAVE INCREASED.

How can this be? I was just about to ditch my entire film camera collection so I could afford a new D700. Wait a minute - I don't have to, because EKC has just come out with an even more scanner-friendly film called Portra 400.

Is that a 4X5 box I see?

Here's more on that.

Also, interesting mention is made of Canham who are known to us for their ability to aggregate large format film orders, and get them filled!

With  a PE of less than 4, and trading at about five bucks, could Kodak be a sleeper?


Bob Crowley said...

My recent trips to Ilford in Manchester, and to the Impossible Project in Enschede, both agree with this report, as they are all ramping up, new products are being developed, and the market is coalescing.

Anonymous said...

It is funny to see the Leica collectors nabbering about film - as if they used any.

Bob Crowley said...

I would think the demise of film would affect the values of collector cameras, even if they were never used. But I do get your point, Mr A.