Sunday, April 18, 2010

Michael Kirchoff's Images

I think in useful contrast to the previous figure studies, these dramatic, moody and dominating images of Russian architecture by Micheal Kirchoff are also good examples of the versatility and manipulability, if I can use that word, inherent to the 55 aesthetic.

There are images from the glass-plate era that I viewed in Nizhny-Novgorod once, by Karelin, that document a more classical straight-on view of this  kind of subject matter, well-corrected in the style of Italian Renaissance linear perspective.

Kirchoff's images are far more immediate than Karelin's and much more engaging and successful. Yet they are serious, I think, abstract, and drew me in to imagine myself in Kirchoff's place.

Add these wonderful images to our assertions and reasons for field processable analog materials of the future.


Max said...

these are great, would love it if you could list my site by the way bob. but I will leave it up to you!

Bob Crowley said...

What? A scanner on an 8X10? An excellent idea. I will get
right up.

Max said...

cheers it would be greatly appreciated!

Bob Crowley said...

Have some Rich Tea, on the right.