Friday, August 12, 2016

R5 Monobath exposure and temperature array

For those who use R5 Monobath here is a chart that you probably already know.  The center panel is the most accurate or "correct" however for scanning you can elect to make a lighter negative. One reason to do that is if you think there will be a lot of hot spots and dense highlights in your negative which may not print or scan well. One the big advantages of scanning over optical printing is the ability to collect all the tonal range from negatives that people who only print might consider underexposed. For a scanner, with a sliding and long tone scale available and the ability to set any curve, that isn't a limitation.

It's the best of both worlds: The quality of film with the latitude of digital.  Let me know what you think. This is Ilford HP5, 135mm, but is typical of all black and white negative films used with R5.
New55 R5 Monobath processed at various temps
and exposures. This is just a guide. The center is the
 "correct one " by the gray scale. 


Anonymous said...

I suppose this requires Ilford Fixer too.

Bob Crowley said...

No it does not. The R5 Monobath is ready to use and requires no mixing or additional chemicals to use. All you have to do is follow the instructions and you will get good negatives.

Nicolas Eertmans said...

Interesting... looks like developing at room temperature would be OK if film was over-exposed by one stop.

Is this the case or are there risks of uneven development?