Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New55 comments on completion of Kickstarter fulfillment, adjusts price of film

Ashland, MA. April 20, 2016: New55 FILM announced today that it has completed final batches destined for Kickstarter supporters.

New55 FILM announced today that it has completed final batches of all components and rewards for its New55 PN FILM Kickstarter project.  Over 21,000 assemblies for Kickstarter and another 15,000 units for general sale have moved or are moving through final stages of fulfillment through the various channels worldwide.

New55 PN is a new, black and white instant 4x5 sheet film that provides a 4x5 negative and also a positive print.  New55 PN went into production in June of 2015, and today is in limited production subject to the scaling of the manufacturing process.

Price adjustment reflects scaling economics

A price adjustment reflecting the improved economics of manufacturing at this important milestone has been made and additional product supplied to New55's online web store HERE.

Concurrent with the announcement has been the rollout of machine-coated receiver sheets that visibly improve the smoothness and consistency of the positive peelaway print over the previously hand-coated product.

For more information about New55 FILM and its other products - Atomic-X sheet film, R5 Monobath Developer, 1SHOT ready-loaded sheet films, and new products for large format film photography without a darkroom, visit

Saturday, April 2, 2016

We are considering a color peelapart project

Just wanted to post here that a second effort similar to our first effort is being considered. Another crowd funded program could result in a new color 4X5 product that uses some of the same parts as New55 PN.  And the increased production numbers may foretell better manufacturing efficiencies and the eventual ability to moderate price as we add machinery.