Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"It's easy" Fun with New55 PN (and a tip from Bob)

New55 FILM scan of negative
C 2015 Robert J Crowley
Today I decided to have some fun and shoot a box of New55 PN that I bought online.It is not unusual for a company to test its fulfillment system by buying some of its own product. I even paid full price.

Using the trusty Speed Graphic I shot this of some "sawbones" which are anatomical models made of foam that look realistic, along with Charles Fendrock's glasses and a cheap Halloween wig from Rite-Aid.

We like to say "A superb negative and a positive print too" and I do consider this negative superb. It's sharp, and good, and scanned in easily.

I see some results online that are not as good: Fogged, mottled, solarized - generally "Foggled". Not this one. Why? Because I followed the instructions which are:

1. Process for the time on the box
2. Immediately at peeling immerse the negative in fixer
3. Use only Ilford Rapid fixer 50/50 with water.

Peel the positive with the negative on the tongue face down and put the peeled negative and the tongue right into the fixer. That's right, just drop the whole tongue with negative face down.

This works like a charm and makes it easier (in my humble opinion) to remove the goo and any tape. Toss out any paper now wet with fixer. After a couple of minutes of fixing, wash the negative in clear water for five minutes and dry.

Don't use "some other fixer" or sodium sulfite, or water and don't let the negative dry. Don't peel it and wave it around because just like old T55, it will solarize in sufficient light.

That's all there is to it. It's easy!  Click on the image to see it up close.


Karel Kravik said...

Is there a way to expose it and process later if you don't have the fixer readily available (like when not shooting in studio)?

Bob Crowley said...

Yes you can do this easily, and it is commonly done. Just slide the sleeve back into position. Use the RELEASE button on the 545 to carefully withdraw the film for later processing. Mark the film as exposed! I've forgotten to do that and double exposed.

Many of us have used the process later method or a variant, of processing one for the print, then the rest later. When I shot Hemlock Gorge (in the bannerhead) with old T55 I had to bring two deep trays with me in my car. That's the way it's always been.

Enjoy super high resolution photography

Karel Kravik said...

Just a thought - unrelated to this post - maybe it would make sense for you to offer a service like this: (scroll to the Online Exposure section). Basically you send them digital files and they make a polaroid picture out of it and mail to you.

In your case it would be New55 of course. This way you could:

1) Add another small source of revenue.
2) Test your own film and let others pay for it :)
3) Most importantly - attract more people to try the film. There're probably many people (including myself) who would like to see and handle the actual result, but don't have everything that's necessary to expose the film (from camera to the specific Ilford fixer).

In your case you could add a good scan of the negative to the service. In addition you can always ask permission to publish the pictures on social media - the exposure will certainly be good for you and probably for the photographers too.

Bob Crowley said...

What an interesting idea! I didn't see that on Doc's Supersense page, but it makes sense to me. Thanks!