Wednesday, June 10, 2015

On the Cusp

Here is the recent Kickstarter update dated June 9, 2015.

The key points:

Progress is being made and a few full assemblies will probably be ready this month.

The characteristics of New55 PN will require people to learn something new.

Old timers might want to look to new users for guidance.

There will likely be direct sales of New55 PN alongside award shipments.

Dear supporters,

Today we have some news for you that has been long awaited and cause for optimism but not yet celebration. New55 FILM will very likely have the first units of New55 PN built, in the box, and in regular production within three weeks. The first pieces will be a start and will likely need adjustments that will happen as we go through the first tranche of some 20,000 units over the coming months. Those of you who have been patiently waiting and encouraging us all along will already know that the road is just beginning and that what we do -- together -- to make New55 FILM YOUR success will depend on how we proceed to use it, show what it can do, learn it, and tell others who will have to follow.

There will be new things to learn: The balance of reagent to receiver to negative that we sometimes call “the wicked triangle” is OK and certainly good enough for artistic purposes, but the look, handling and results that you will get are unknown. If you are an old hand at T55, you will have to do some things differently. Unlearning can be almost as hard as new learning, something those of you who have never shot any 4x5 will probably learn faster than the old timers.

In the past we have discussed the need to continue to finance the project. That has not changed and we find ourselves with very limited operating cash. The many suggestions from you to raise funds resulted in 1SHOT and R3 MONOBATH DEVELOPER and it is very encouraging and telling to read the reaction to these two new products on the various boards. Something new is happening in film photography -- real photography -- and you caused it to happen. Now we are likely to take your suggestion to fold in sales of some of the early New55 PN assemblies with the Kickstarter rewards in order to raise some cash, an idea that was quite enthusiastically received by supporters and newcomers, too.

OK enough for now. We are fatigued but optimistic about this new and counterintuitive business we are forging with your help. As always, you are the first to know.

Bob & Sam