Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New55 Releases New 4x5 Film Product

Just when you thought that all the film manufacturers were cutting back film production because of lower demand, along comes New55 and its "1SHOT" product aimed at the growing interest in large format film photography. The New55 Kickstarter project, which is directed toward producing a new instant film, released this non-instant product recently and found it could not keep up with demand. "We were surprised as anyone that 1SHOT was so enthusiastically received, given its "fundraiser edition" price" said Bob Crowley, founder of New55. The group recently announced the fundraiser to help the effort to make instant film that it started in 2010.

New55's 1SHOT film can be bought at http://shop.new55.net

 *** YELLOW DOT FUNDRAISER EDITION *** READY LOADED 4x5 SHEET FILM IS FINALLY HERE! YOU ASKED FOR IT! Many supporters who have followed the New55 INSTANT FILM project have ALSO asked for a ready loaded 4x5 film pack like we enjoyed so much in the heydays of “quick loads” and “ready loads”. The New55 Team needs to raise funds to continue their excellent progress. Now, more than ever, the field of large format photography depends on you. 1SHOT comes from The Skunkworks, and while not funded by New55 FILM’s Kickstarter program, it does make great use of our capability! Won’t you help us bridge the funding gap by buying and enjoying this surprise from The Skunkworks, all for the benefit of New55 FILM, and you? The clock is ticking. New55 FILM project supporters will have the first shot at 1SHOT. With every box of 1SHOT you buy, $25 is contributed to the development of New55 FILM. THANK YOU!!! 1SHOT YELLOW DOT EDITION WILL BE SOLD IN LIMITED QUANTITIES TO New55 FILM SUPPORTERS We will produce 1SHOT with New55 FILM’s selected Atomic-X, cubic grained standard weight 4x5 sheet film that we rate at ISO 100. You can develop 1SHOT any way you like: monobath, conventional tray, or even send it out to your favorite lab. 1SHOT is not an instant film! But it is fast, and convenient. SPECIFICATIONS: 1 box contains 5 single-sheet packs 4x5 negative only works in the Polaroid 545 series holders for monobath or regular darkroom development Film negative: New55 FILM's Atomic-X cubic-grained black and white emulsion on a 4x5 standard weight polyester base Recommended film speed: ISO 100 Use 1SHOT with any Polaroid 545 holder in any 4x5 camera, pinhole camera, home made camera, or studio view camera! This offering is a test of the demand by serious photographers for an easy way to make large-format photographs, without having to load film holders. Many people have asked. Now it is up to you. 1SHOT IS NOT INSTANT FILM, OF COURSE! SPECIAL YELLOW DOT FUNDRAISER EDITION - LIMITED QUANTITIES The famous yellow dot of the Aero Ektar, and other dots like Gold Dots, Red Dots, evoke a special quality. It's here for the generosity of supporters, and those who believe that large format photography - real photography - is worth our every effort. The yellow dot also helps us commemorate and keep track of the first series of film products ever made at the new New55 FILM factory. Like “ready loads” or “quick loads” that are no longer produced, each pack contains one, single high quality 4x5 black and white sheet film negative. The premium price reflects the fundraising power of 1SHOT! Order 1SHOT NOW!


Laurent De Palma said...

I have received my order of 1Shot. Now it is time to try.
I don't have the R3 monobath developer, for the price of international shipping.
What for other developer can I use.? or what is your experience.?
In the box of film, we find a kind of data sheet. And any developer can be used, like HC-110.
But, now, and for the price of each sheet of film, we can not make an perfect test.
ISO: between 50 and 100, ok.!
If I use the HC-110, what is the dilution that we can use, maybe B, AND what developing time for the first test.?
It is important to share some experience, to have an idea how to begin.
Thanks for help.

Bob Crowley said...

A double dilution of HC-110 B (unofficially known by many as dilution H) is about the same as D76, which would take 7 minutes of development. Otherwise your development time might be too short. We are working on charts and guides and may want to ask you how well this worked.

c.d.embrey said...

I'd be interested in Quick Load color film. Is it possible for you to load Ektar or Velvia? Minimum order needed?

With 1Shot available now and New55 on the way, I need to get my Toyo monorail out of storage.



Bob Crowley said...

Chuck - we've thought about it but the problem we have with most sheet films stems from having to purchase them at retail price. Film makers have their dealers who we have to buy through. It is certainly possible and something we'd eventually like to do. Polaroid did this exact thing and had a dozen or so Kodak 4x5 sheet films you could buy in a Readyload pack. Readyloads were manufactured by Polaroid in Waltham. I supposer the per-sheet price is the most important number, given you can still buy old stock of Readyloads and Quickloads on ebay. Thoughts?