Monday, April 20, 2015

Interesting finding after the 1SHOT letter to supporters

Some of you will know that an email letter went out early this morning to supporters of the New55 Kickstarter effort, with a link to the New55 Shop where a limited quantity of 1SHOT ready loaded sheet film was offered for sale.  All of the 1SHOT boxes were sold in almost no time, and this is very encouraging. Another finding was the distribution of visits into the site this morning, heavy on the European side at about 11am Boston time.

Below is a screen shot of hits to the web store. Most web stores use things like this to see where people come in from. Ours does not collect personal information and we are interested in the location and time of visit.

What does it mean? Californians were still in bed, the East Coast of the US was up, and so was Europe. If you are from California and missed the offer, don't worry, there will be another batch in the Shop soon.


Marek said...

As a New55 Kickstarter backer I was really waiting for 1SHOT, but when I was placing an order for $50 pack I got $42.50 quote for shipping to Poland. Sorry guys but I believe it's an unrealistic rate for a carton box with 5 thin films.

Eric said...

Glad to hear that there'll be more 1SHOTs available soon. Is the same true for the monobath as well?

rlfsoso said...

Hi Folks, what do you think when will us late comers (non supporters of the Kickstarter campaign) get a chance for film? Thank You!


Bob Crowley said...

Shipping rates are very high from the US to Europe. If we can get the treaties passed that harmonize postage with the EU postal system, the rates can go down. It is not the US rates that are driving the very high prices. Check out how much you would pay to send a similar box to the US and let us know please. The only solution we know of is to have a depot in Europe and ship from there. Obviously this can't happen right away, but it might be something we can do later.

rlfsoso said...

Hi Bob,
while your comment on shipping rates is partially true, this is in fact not the whole picture: taxes are 19% of price of product including shipping. I have ordered things from the US many times, and have encountered a truly wide variety of shipping costs. 19% of 50$ would be like an additional 10$. That would mean about 30$ left for shipping (& handling) I believe there must be some cheaper way to ship.
Anyway, best would be the setting up of a shop in Europe - and besides New55 I definitely hope for 1SHOT in that shop available too!

Marek said...

Regarding shipping rates from EU to the US: I have just checked with Polish Post and for a priority registered package weighing between 0,5-1kg (roughly 1-2 lbs) I'd have to pay an equivalent of $12. It's $22 if the packaged weighed 1 to 2kg.

Marek said...

Good to see changed shipping rates to Europe. 1Shot ordered. Thanks

Sam said...

Hi Everybody -

Shipping is fundamental to New55 PN as a sustainable product. That's why getting costs as low as possible -- and also offering a useful array of expedited options -- is a key set of targets on my desk.

Ramped production is necessary to having stocks to put in a European and an Asian warehouse; but having these distribution points, eventually this year, is critical for effective distribution. The planning is already under weigh, and the community will be informed throughout the progress. -Sam