Friday, November 14, 2014

November Update - a setback and some progress

It was bound to happen: The tight schedule we set out for ourselves over the Summer went well, and luck was with us as we developed an all-new receiver sheet.  The work done by Ted and Jake, in particular, yielded at least two good performing formulas. Last month I reported that we had a November 6th date to coat one of them, but the formulas didn't cooperate, and now have to be reformulated to a new schedule.

The outcome of this could be a delay in the first receiver sheet that we expected in November. That would set the schedule back by about a month, and we are attempting to fix that.

Good progress on the pod paper. A new potential vendor has been found and the race is on to get it in sooner than the old supply runs out.

The clips are performing well.

A snag in the paper supply: The paper supplier has a minimum of 5000 pounds, which we agreed to. Now they expect the paper run to occur in January. Obviously, we can't wait that long. If you know of 9 to 10 mil, black, 60# rolls of dust free paper somewhere (NOT craft paper or construction paper) we can buy it.  The cost of the material is $3.10 per pound so a 5000 pound roll is $15,500 - before converting, slitting, and transportation. A roll that big cannot be picked up by hand. We are looking for an alternate supply.  This paper is the material used for the tongue. Once we have the paper, a vendor applies the various tapes, makes laser cuts and other things, and does them beautifully.

The economy is improving which is good and not so good for small R&D companies that need the big companies to pay attention to them. Such is the case here with a few items. I will give an update on all these in two weeks.

Bob Crowley


Here is a shot of a recent successful coating.

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