Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Image collection for coating team access. Click images twice(OSX) for a high res closeup

10u ABV over blue. Rough, but perfectly sealed.

20+u of Image over gloss. Remains smooth, but too thick so it will crack

2+u of release layer over Image. Look at how smooth the top is. This thickness did not interfere with image color or density formation.

2u Release layer. Like a ruler. 

This week's Three Layer Mix over blue. Hills and bumps like a cheap hotel room ceiling. Dmax inside the valleys is perfect. Almost no Image remains on the tops of the hills. 
The white spots are just the hilltops and the polluted Dmins are reagent puddles.

1966 T47 uncoated area. Image is 1-2u thick and the colloids can be seen too. Brown area is hydrogen sulfide affected lead acetate nucleant degradation where I missed with the print coater.

GreyBack from Polaroid. Looks familiar.

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