Saturday, July 12, 2014

Machines and their complexity

A lot of times during the course of the project we are asked if there are specific machines already available for production that we can buy, perhaps as surplus.  A brief answer to this is no, there aren't any, but there are a few types of paper and web handling machines that do perform many of the operations needed.  We do not have any folding or creasing steps in the process, and that's intentional, but we do have adhesive steps, and the application of adhesives can be a messy business if not handled right.

Shown are some envelope making machines that produce ordinary envelopes that you might use to mail a letter or more likely, pay a bill with.  The principle of the system is to take a roll of paper and cut, fold, gum and shape, which should be simple.  But look at how complex these machines really are, with their many stages and sections devoted to certain operations.

The paper rolled out into a sheet is referred to as the web in the paper industry. Webs have coatings put on, get rolled and rerolled, cut and converted, laminated with other webs, and more. The world of paper and sheets is a vast one.

Polaroid did have some machines used for the production of the sheet film. For instance, the sleeve making machine which we have designed our own version, is an obvious example. You can see some of them in this video.

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Unknown said...

As I mentioned in another comment on the post about paper:

I would not buy the machinery but have this step done by a print shop.

But if you want to do it on your own, these are the machines you need:

folding machine

for cutting you take an old letter press machine like the heidelberg tiegel:

And then you need an .eps file with a vector that defines the diecut tool for cutting the form out of the paper:

You will also need a machine that laminates the paper:

But as mentioned before, I would go to a print shop :) good luck – I am waiting for the new55 film.

And if you like to send me the files with the design of the sleeves parts I can create you an EPS-file that contains the die cut which you than can take to the print shop where they will create die cuts. I've done it for packaging material that was produced in china, so I think it will work from here to USA as well :)

best wishes