Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summary of the net proceeds from Kickstarter

1. There were $33,805 in fees

2. Failed payments were pledges that had failed credit card information

3. The final number is reasonably within the minimum funding goal.

4. New55 will remain active in fundraising at

5. Before this Kickstarter effort, substantial sums were already spent on the R&D

6. We hope that the total go-to-market number will be less than $1M US.

7. Extreme gratitude for the supporters who believe in post-digital photography like we do!

8. Some of the proceeds became available on May 22, 2014.

9. Now that we have some of the money, we can begin to make expenditures aimed toward the 2015 production goals.


Ryan Kemp said...

Almost $16,000 in failed payments?! Holy cow, that's horrible.

Bob Crowley said...

Some failed payments are typical for Kickstarter, we are told, and our percentage appeared to be about the average. I assume KS did not assess fees on that portion, but aren't sure yet. We will look at that. In any case, this has been a successful fundraise, exciting, and now about to move forward.

Scott Huck said...

So, I'm not understanding, sorry! Was the New55 KickStarter campaign a success or did New55 not collect the money needed? My credit card transaction went through!

Cautiously excited / cautiously concerned ...

Bob Crowley said...

The rest of the proceeds with trickle in , as Kickstarter holds some (in Amazon payments) for 14 days after the transaction.

Blackandwhite - Photography said...

Over 33K in fees.. That's incredible. I am really looking forward to the new55 Film. Just bought a 4x5 Polaroid Pro Holder.

Can't wait!