Sunday, February 2, 2014


We're still in the planning stages as we circle around with older suppliers of the necessary materials needed to make New55 FILM.  Many people wonder about machinery and equipment, but machines are not the limiting factor in a film product: The biggest expense and effort have to go into the materials sourcing and testing, as this involves the planning and purchase of custom runs of materials. For example, the receiver sheet is something that is toll coated using available processes. The machines are found in many countries. What is needed however are things such as the substrate, which has to have the right chemical, physical and dimensional properties, the base and barrier layers, the active coatings, and more.  There is no off-the-shelf material that has everything we need, so it will have to be produced from a complex formula, coated, tested, cut into pieces, before it ever gets to the "machine" stage of assembly.

By the way we have worked out a very practical medium volume assembly scheme that appears to require a more modest "machine" so that we can focus on the all-important materials.

Sam Hiser has been working hard on the numbers needed to make this all go and there have been few surprises, save the scale that is needed for a sustainable product. I don't think anyone wants this to be a one-off. 


Denis Balibouse said...

Thanks for keeping us posted and for your constant efforts.
The wait can feel long now since i first noticed your project but I am sure it will be worth it.

Bainbridge said...

Hang in there guys. Grit your teeth march forward.

broaddaylight said...

Thanks for the update! U guys are going to do great things, cheers