Sunday, April 21, 2013

Frequently asked questions

New to New55?  Here are answers to your frequently asked questions. Many of the comments that we do not publish are short questions answered in detail here.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SK Grimes - The Photographer's Machinist

My recent visit to SK Grimes in Woonsocket, RI was quite interesting and I met Adam Dau, seen standing in front of the window of his well equipped machine shop.  Adam is doing some work on a Xenotar 150 that I do not trust our own machine shop with. SK Grimes has been around a long time and has probably mounted thousands of lenses in shutters for large format photographers and produced many precision machined part for photography.  If you need custom machine work to adapt that Petzval to your Linhof, I believe this is the place to go.  Find out more at

The Autochrome

1920s Autochrome, scanned and intensified
Could we produce an instant Autochrome?

The Autochrome is a positive transparency process involving the use of distributed color filters adjacent to a panchromatic emulsion that is reverse processed.  Autochromes were widely commercialized with the greatest concentration in France, where they were manufactured.  Starch grains, dyed various colors, were used for the color filters, and the color matrix and the emulsion were applied to glass plates.

There are various hints that color film production may cease in the future and it could be that the only color film in production would then be The Impossible Project's integral color product.  While this still seems a way off, some people are considering how we will accomplish color photography in large format in the future. There are a number of aspects to the Autochrome that are appealing and that could be useful in the post-digital period.