Friday, March 8, 2013

A trickle of packs

Just an update.  The trickle has started and a few packs of New55 FILM have gone out to paying customers at the very high and we-are-grateful price of $20.  The theory is that if we keep doing this the wheels will turn to larger quantities and the price will start to decrease.

The most important aspect of the $20 packets is the message it sends to potential backers of the project who still need encouragement to proceed with a deal that was given a handshake some months ago.

In the meantime we are sourcing parts again, and trying to get 10-100,000 clips started at a reasonable price.

Another milestone has been the filing of all regular patent applications before the cutoff date of the "America Invents Act", which makes it even harder for small companies to develop, own and protect their intellectual property in the face of large corporations.


cafe selavy said...

Hurray! I hope the best thing happens. I'd like to try a pack. How do I get it?

miloss said...

Where can I purchase this film?


Bob Crowley said...

we have not yet released the film for general sale but have been providing some early assemblies under the following:

10 units max per order
no shelf date - to be used immediately
one or more high resolution scan of your negative supplied to New55 to be used for promotional purposes.

Soon there will be another tranche so keep an eye out on FB.

Stone Just Stone said...

I'll add you on FB, please check out my instagram feed and let me know if I qualify, I think my work will speak for itself and that the results would be usable so please consider me as a candidate.

I have many feeds of my new work, but they all sort of stem from the instagram feed. Would love to be one of the testers and will send you high rez scans of all the work :)



Amar Iaela said...

Hi! when are your film packs available for sale? what type of cameras will I be able to use with it? By the way, I added a link to New55 blog in my blog do you think you can also add my site to your links page? Thanks a lot!!!

Colin Gray said...

Bob, I would be grateful if you could supply me with some new55. I have been using type 55 on a project on my 89 year old farther who is dying from cancer, it has been increasingly hard to get hold of type55, the last batch I bout was duff. Time is running out for me to complete this powerful project.
The last series I did on my mother called In Sickness and in Health was published by Steidl and is a travelling exhibition. So it maybe of great importance to us both to complete this project?
I’m a UK based photographer.
I have many black metal clips from the 55 if you need them?
Colin Gray. Email:

Henry Lohmeyer said...

If one were wanting to purchase some of your film, is that possible?

Thanks, Henry.

Henry Lohmeyer said...

Love what you are doing. Is there a way for one to purchase your film?


gamorgan said...

Hi All

Can I have a pack shipped to the UK please. I'll put it to good use :-)

Unknown said...

I'd love to try this out, is there any way to get on the list to buy some packs? :)

Gregor Jamroski said...


I've been watching the progress of this project since conception. I'd love to to try the new55 packs.

PLease send an e-mail per price as well as a donation to the project to help support it continue.


Bob Crowley said...

Please get on the mailing list. Details are on an adjacent post.