Sunday, March 31, 2013

We need 10,000 clips. at least

The clips are really needed in quantity now. They can be made of half hard steel and painted in the thickness shown, or unpainted stainless steel with a thickness of 0.003".  The stainless steel option is better.  Quite a high load is placed at the center of the clip, so it has to be strong, and not bend, or break.

The target price of 10 cents per clip is possible once we get to the 100,000 quantity level, but the tooling right now is about $8000.  If you wish to bid on the supply of these clips, we are ready to issue a PO, if the price is right.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A trickle of packs

Just an update.  The trickle has started and a few packs of New55 FILM have gone out to paying customers at the very high and we-are-grateful price of $20.  The theory is that if we keep doing this the wheels will turn to larger quantities and the price will start to decrease.

The most important aspect of the $20 packets is the message it sends to potential backers of the project who still need encouragement to proceed with a deal that was given a handshake some months ago.

In the meantime we are sourcing parts again, and trying to get 10-100,000 clips started at a reasonable price.

Another milestone has been the filing of all regular patent applications before the cutoff date of the "America Invents Act", which makes it even harder for small companies to develop, own and protect their intellectual property in the face of large corporations.