Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New55 and 20x24 demonstrate instant color 8x10 without a Polaroid processor


Fred L said...

VERY cool and encouraging !

Matthew Houston said...

This is beautiful news to start the year! The slide show examples are very fine.
Are you aiming to make this available as 10x8 or 5x4 ?
Also it would be very good if the pods and sheet film could be purchased so all the practical people (like me) could benefit from your amazing work.
Thank you and good luck to all involved.

Braca Nadezdic said...

Hello Bob, What kind of ir camera and kight source you use in night vision chamber?
Braca Nadezdic

Bob Crowley said...

I use a 64 LED 940nm source and had to test it for fogging as the manufacturers are not very specific about the wavelength. The camera sensor has to have response at 940nm. You cannot put IR film in the chamber or it will fog.

Gerald Decelles said...

It would be nice if you guys collaborated with either 20x24 or the impossible project to create a DIY kit for this. I like the look of this film better than the way impossible is doing it, and it would be easier to deal with at the end (no peeling and drying with a blow dryer). I imagine a simple jig could be made for aligning things up in the dark box, that would make it easier to put it all together.

With prices for Polaroid holders and processors skyrocketing ($1000+), it would be nice to see somebody put something together that could get this out to the "masses" without going into bankruptcy and build this great format back up again.

Bob Crowley said...

I don't think there are so many people who want to use this stuff because there are fewer 8x10 cameras. What we showed can be done by you without many tools. You might be able to use a rolling pin. The rollers you can get on ebay. The kit would consist of a pod, a receiver sheet, and a negative. Maybe some black paper. How much would you pay for a kit of five?

Jeffrey Yuan said...

Hi Bob,

If you could sell a kit of five for around $75 you might some interested buyers.



Ozan Mutlu Dursun said...

Hello Bob,

I recently found out new55 and you guys do amazing work. I do have a question; I will be working on 35mm negative and slide films, as well as 120mm B&W film for my senior project in university. I need to see what I'm doing in the dark room. May I ask where'd you get those equipment, and what should I consider before getting one? Thanks!