Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jason Edwards New55 FILM

One of Jason's experiments on our behalf using the Shanghai version of New55 FILM on a studio subject. Click on it for a bigger view.

We are deep into the development of a new receiver sheet. The receiver, if you have been following along, is the part of the diffusion transfer reversal process (DTR) that was most secretly held by Old Pol.  No single person at Polaroid knew the whole process.  We started from scratch to find new materials to use, new paper bases that are opaque, and coating services. All of this costs a LOT of money.

Meanwhile, one of our sources of old style silver halide emulsions has gone. Efke will be missed. Shanghai still produces a negative material that works with DTR, at least for now, but their prices have doubled.  These "dip and dunk" emulsions may be primitive, but the availability of the silver halide rocks close to the surface, unlike T grained films, makes DTR possible.  ADOX type films can fall into this category.  We've tried every Ilford film including Delta 100 and were not successful in getting consistent DTR performance, but the door is still open there. 


witek said...

OK, but what about Foma 100 or 400 emulsions, these – unlike 200 got no T-grain silver halids.

Thare is — still I hope — Wephota, based directly on the old ORWO emulsions.

Alex said...

What will you do if you cannot locate another old style emulsion? Or if the current producers go out of business? Will the project be scrapped?

Bob Crowley said...

We need at least one affordable emulsion in order to offer this as a product with a reasonable price. I it doubtful that black and white negative film will go away as it is not very difficult to manufacture, but it could carry a higher price. We won't scrap this project - far from it - two people spent the last week formulating receivers and there are other ongoing activities. Since this is a skunkworks funded by 20x24 and Soundwave, time is the largest variable.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that New 55 is selling some of its hand made film to certain people and I wish I was one of them.