Sunday, September 2, 2012

Zoe Wiseman's New55 Experience

Photographer, friend, collaborator and cheerleader Zoe Wiseman put together a nice blog posting on her first five New55 FILM shots.  Few photographers have had as much experience, and success, with old T55, and Zoe was one of the first people who contacted me when we started the New55 project.  I find it cute that she thinks it is a privilege to get some of the Orianna-built prototype material, which Zoe of course earned over the last two years of support.

Here is a link to more.


cafe selavy said...

Went to Zoe's site. I am envious, of course. What I couldn't do with a box of that film. Change the world, for sure.

Anonymous said...

I for one would never buy this film as it is not like Polaroid Type 55 at all. Having wasted all this time trying to duplicate Type 55, how do you explain to us how we can recover our time spent reading this website?

Anonymous said...

^^^ since anonymous is being a jerk anonymously I'm anonymously calling them out on it.

Cannot wait to get my hands on this film!