Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Current status of New55 FILM

We continue to hand build small quantities of New55 FILM and are getting OK results, some that are posted for you to look at.

The plan for manufacturing and tooling is continuing to be refined.

A budget is in place.

Soundwave is continuing to make some investment and paying for materials and some of the labor, and has a dedicated lab allocated to the project now.

We expect to revisit the budget after the NY film festival.

Patent applications, and other preparations are in place.

We have ready sales channels available.

The basic work of defining the materials has been done, but there are still some supply problems that will need to be resolved.  Emulsion and receiver paper supplies are identified, but require business development that would come after firm funding.

The recent success of TIP's Kickstarter project has led several people to bring that up again.  We have been signed up on Kickstarter for over a year but have not tried crowd funding because we do not have the infrastructure to support the customer service and fulfillment functions that would be needed.  However if those resources could become available in the Boston area we would consider it, but it would also require a high funding goal.


Drew Gardner said...

Keep going Bob.

You can do it



Anonymous said...

Maybe you should just ask for donations?

Bob Crowley said...

We have had many people donate time, materials and know how. Thank you! We do accept donations and have openly asked people to donate clips, for instance.

Anonymous said...

When you donate clips does that mean from unused 4x5 Polaroid film

Bob Crowley said...

No! Used ones. Just cut the clip off and send that part. If you leave some paper sticking out it makes it easier to reclaim. We can use Fuji clips too. Quickload, Readyload and Polaroid sheet film clips all work fine. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Where can i buy 4x 5 inch Instant Film THe New 55 with negativ and positive .
Iam only working with 4x5 linhof

Anonymous said...

Where do we send the clips?

ml_pisel said...

Hi Polaconv is here... There're any chance to order some of this films at now?

ml_pisel said...

Hi is there any chance to order some of these film?
Marco ( Polaconv )

ml_pisel said...

I have even a lot of clips from expired films.....
Marco ( Polaconv )

Nathan said...

I'm ready to buy 55 as soon as it's available - I think you'll sell out of your first batch in no time.

Nathan said...

I'm ready to buy some 55 as soon as it's available - pretty sure you're going to sell out of your first few batches as fast as you can produce it.

Michael Taylor said...

Hi Bob

Loved Type54. Would love to see this.

Also have 10x8 Pola processor & darkroom (deVere 108 and 504).
Extension to 10x8 pos-neg would be amazing.

Small batch 5x7 would sell esp in USA;)

Like digital, love analogue.
Keep going ....
m :)

Bob Crowley said...

We could put 5x7 together as a kit. The 8x10 is certain to be popular, and we will have some things to sell fairly soon, for those with skills.

igorerzen said...

Where can I send used clips. I would be more then happy to help this way.