Sunday, July 29, 2012

Not quite so Instagram

Early in the history of Polaroid film the company supplied albums, copiers and mailers, this one so a freshly-coated instant photograph could be conveniently stiffened and prepared for sending through the post office.

The other side has a place for the postage, and an address.  The adhesive is still a little sticky, even after decades. Not sure how old this one is.

Note the die-cut shape in the middle. Polaroid had a lot of steel rule and other dies to cut the many paper and plastic sheet materials used in the products.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Orianna Reardon Joins New55

Artist, photographer and alternative process enthusiast Orianna Reardon has joined New55 to start up the pre-production phase, and to develop further improvements so a useful product can be made. Orianna's website has some photographs that are also on display at The Panopticon Gallery, Kenmore Sq. Boston. She was introduced to New55 by Boston-based photographer and teacher Keitaro Yoshioka at Mass Art, NESP and collaborator with 20X24 Studio.

The recent example, below, demonstrates New55 FILM's ability to go out-of-doors - finally - even into the sunlight, thanks to improvements to light sealing and general assembly care and quality. It's a good sign. Orianna will be co-moderating the New55 facebook page, and will work with the assembled New55 group to accomplish some of the many things that still need to be done.

New55 FILM photo by Orianna Reardon