Monday, June 25, 2012

Soundwave Research files patent applications on improved photographic processes

In preparation for funding and commercialization, we have or are prepared to apply for patents regarding improvements to instant photographic articles, and also a new direct positive system. While simply applying for a patent does not automatically mean it will be granted, there is a good likelihood that one or more patents will issue. Even though this has been run as an open source project, it is incumbent on us to properly file when new, useful and non-obvious discoveries are made, as investors expect it and sometimes require that intellectual property be protected. A number of discoveries have been made, departing greatly from what was, long ago, the starting point of T55, and could become quite valuable, as old T55 is too complex, requires expensive tooling, and an elaborate supply chain.


holmburgers said...

Fantastic stuff Bob. Hope it gets granted and I look forward to reading it when the cats outta the bag.

Here's to certain new and useful improvements in instant photography, of which the following is a specification,



Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris. Many people think all we have to do is collect money from Kickstarter and then when we have enough we can start producing articles for sale. It is a lot more complicated than that, as you know, and requires that we re-establish the basis for an industry that has been disrupted and scattered in order to have any hope of a sustained business. IP is part of that, of course! Land, Kodak, Fuji etc. left a lot out and haven't considered 2012 and beyond where we'll be.