Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yellow Dot Bausch & Lomb 12"

Where do these yellow dots come from? Here is yet another enigmatic yellow mark on the rim of a lens - this one an uncoated, apertureless B&L projection lens or something of the like, mounted on a Speed Graphic lens board.  Proceeds go to New55. This went for a really low price on ebay which was disappointing. One of the biggest obstacles we are facing with New55 is the paradox that many of our supporters will spend $3000 on a DSLR but think that $6 for a 4x5 shot (that the DSLR can never do) is too much.  How can we present this in a cost per shot, or price per yield manner? I think it is hard to do.  Five good photographs in a month would be a decent yield, though that depends on what one considers to be good.


Anonymous said...

is it still available?, cant find it on ebay greetings

Bob Crowley said...

Anonymous said...

...or Leitz Epis 3,6/325

Anonymous said...

To answer your question about the $6/sheet, it's actually a bargain.
Tmax 100: $1.40/sheet (B&H price for box of 50)
Develop at a quality lab: $3-6/sheet (looking at Gamma in San Francisco at $5.50/sheet, I'm sure there are others that are cheaper)
8.5x11 RC contact print: $6.50 at Gamma, or $1.62/sheet and you have to cut them.

That's about $8.50/sheet if I send out my film to a quality lab, and I have to wait. I don't know what your film base is going to be, but even the cheapest stuff is about $1/sheet.

People will compare this to home developing, which is still going to run about $3-4/sheet if you also make contact prints at home, not counting your time. If this is a quality product with fine grain film and predictable, consistent results, I think it'll be a good deal at $6/sheet.

Anonymous said...

How much for a near magical experience each and every time a shot is taken? How much to freeze a moment in time, hold it in one's hand then come back to it years afterwards to be brought straight back to that very same moment once again?

I don't know about anyone else, but those are priceless moments that can never be quantified in monetary terms.

I, for one, cannot wait for New55 to be widely available as I will once more be able to seek out those priceless 5x4 moments.