Sunday, March 25, 2012


If you are wondering what is happening now, I'm taking a break.  Also selling some things to cover expenses as the price of the sheet film has increased dramatically.

Progress on certain fronts: specifications, vendors, plans for interns, etc.


GregRob said...

Just a random thought to add to your list of things you can ignore, or you can let it scratch at the back of your mind:
I have no idea how you would approach them, but have you considered talking with Fuji to see if they would do a special run of instant film to your spec? It would end up in a Fuji PA-45 or Polaroid 550 holder instead of a 545, and the design of the film backing would have to be revised to allow it to dissolve off in water or something simple. But this would eliminate the big tooling expense.
From Fuji's perspective it could be a win as they would see in increase in film holder sales, and potentially open a new category of film sales for them.
The production could be gated on numbers of pre-orders, and done on demand, similar to what Ilford does each year for their custom orders for odd sizes of sheet film.

Bob Crowley said...

Fuji never answered our inquiries, and others have been there, at Fujifilm HQ, to talk with them about this subject at least a half dozen times, but to no avail. They have no interest in staying in film and have already ceased production of 4x5 instant materials.

Use it while you can get it. The recent announcement that they are committed to instant referred to the Instax product.

The businesses of Ilford and Fuji are vastly different, with a different focus, market, and customer base. The size of Fujifim is gigantic compared to Ilford. Fujifilm is buying companies in cosmetics, ultrasound (Sonosite was recently purchased by Fujifim) and they are doing everything they can to reformat their business and not do what Kodak did.