Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tobias Feltus and Rachel Rayns on New55

Edinburgh: February 8, 2012:  Artists Tobias Feltus and Rachel Rayns recent collaborations include the first uses of New55 FILM in Europe, marking a milestone in the progress to bring 4x5 instant film back to photographers.  Rayns, noted for her self portraits, experimental motion pictures, and the highly visible "Soup Lab" posed for this portrait in a portrait for artist and photographer Tobias Feltus of Edinburgh, Scotland during a visit there.

"We got one decent shot out of the five" remarked Tobias Feltus, who is part of the New55 group and is recommending improvements. "The pods are too full, and we could only get them in [to the 545 holder] by opening it first." he remarked.

Despite this, the New55 negative yielded a photograph showing Rayns and one of her trademark expressions on The Impossible Project film.

"We have a way to go", said Bob Crowley, who has financed New55 to-date. "The progress has been good, and there is no reason we cannot produce this film without defects in the future if we have adequate financing."


zoe wiseman said...

Send it to me... I'll get 5 out of 5. ;)

Bob Crowley said...

Maybe on the next batch. This batch clearly was made with oversized pods, something that could not be overcome without much gloop and mess. I got zero out of my five in this run of 20.

David Miller said...

I am really looking forward to this. Your efforts are bringing me hope that we can see this come to reality shortly.

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks David,

We will be 8 months out from funding, and holding, for as long as it takes to get the funding. So, in the meantime, we are hand making New55 to iron out some problems which occur when we have too much art and not enough science!

Jack Willard said...

This last batch has proved that a closer look at the specs of the pod is in order, in respect to both weight and dimensions.

The goal weight of New 55 pods at the conclusion of our research last August was 7 g's. Ted had stated that the pods in o.g. Type 55 were even lighter, around 5 grams if i remember correctly. The thinking behind excess goop was that a bit of a mess was more desirable than an incomplete spread. I recall using pods as heavy as 12 grams in early tests and had no problem fitting the sleeve in the holder, although there was plenty of goop to clean out of the holder afterwords. Seeing as Tobias and others ran into problems loading the sleeves this time around, I suspect the pods were not only too full but too wide in respect to the insert.

As Bob has stated before, these pods could be manufactured with greater precision and a more reliable seal with the assistance of custom machinery. In the meantime, I have to take the heat for manufacturing faulty New 55.

Bob Crowley said...

Before you perform mea culpas, we also found the scale calibration to be off, way off. That could have done it. But we did use some heavy pods and they were fairly wide. No matter, this is all hand work, proving we need machines. I'd say you manufactured all of the good ones, too. Not every song is a hit.