Wednesday, November 16, 2011

SHOP New55

This page is a placeholder for things in our shop, starting with camera and film equipment and culminating in unique new products for photography, artistic expression, and exploration.

Revenue from SHOP New55 purchases materials, capital equipment, tools, and services aimed at the commercialization of New55 FILM.

If I can figure out how to do it, I will put a paypal button on this page and keep adding stuff to it, and link to this page like we did with the very popular Fuji FP100C negative tutorial.

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papayaspoint said...

i can't wait... :)

cafe selavy said...

Listen, I'm going to John Minnick's shop this weekend. He is making my Graflex/Aero Ektar camera now. It will be #13! Anyway, I'd love to shoot some of your film with it, if possible. You can email me at if there is any way. LIke papayaspoint said. . . .

Bob Crowley said...

Hey good luck with the new camera. I don't even have any New55 for me at the moment. That shot of Rob was my last one for a while. If you saw the rigamarole we go through with the existing New55 sleeves you might conclude you need five hands.

We have shown it can be done, and the formulas for the paper, negative, reagent etc. are now known! That's a big deal. How do we make it? That's what I am spending all my free time on.

cafe selavy said...

I am in Asheville and went to see John Minnicks yesterday. I got to play with his camera and pick out all the materials for the one he is working on for me. Yikes! They are something. Mine will be ready in two weeks. Aero Liberator #13. David Burnett said to put a cat instead of a number on it. I like that.

When I get it, I'll be doing much more R3 and Fuji film work. And hoping to do some New 55 work, too.