Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rob Fraboni and no solarization

New55 scan from negative
Last week Rob was in to discuss various things having to do with analog backlash and what to do about them. After the discussion I got him over into the studio for a minute and grabbed a quick New55 shot of him. As I pulled the sleeve, it seemed to me that I had not exposed the negative for some reason, so I just left it on the bench as I shot another one.

The processing time was 3 minutes, and as could be expected, the reaction has run to completion or near to it, leaving little to no undeveloped silver and therefore no areas that are solarized when the PN is peeled and open to the light.


Pat Morrissey said...

This is so tantalising

Bob Crowley said...

but is it compelling, from an investment POV?

Anonymous said...

Analog backlash!
That's what this is all about.

Bob Crowley said...

A wise person wrote on a music production forum this nugget:
Hard Truth
08-18-2010, 02:21 PM
The analog backlash has already been happening in the indie scene for at least ten years, but I don't think that many more people will want to go backwards than are doing so now. To do so requires money, space and a willingness to tinker with mechanical devices.

A musical backlash against high tech sounding music has also been happening for at least ten years and may infiltrate the mainstream to a large extent.

Our culture is now too heterogeneous to ever have a "next big thing" like the Beatles ever again. Every old trend will persevere and/or mutate and new trends will continue to happen, but nothing will dominate.

Creating music with hi-tech tools will continue, but the tools will become more physical with their interfaces along the lines of those Guitar hero games or Wii games that respond to broader physical motion than today's mouse and keyboard. There will also be 3-D displays creating a new types of interaction with one's computer/entertainment device. I think a hybrid art form that combines dance with control of sound is inevitable with these devices.

Later we will see the ability to create music and control sound with thought alone. That will drive trained musicians crazy and many of them will spend a lot of time complaining about how it is ruining music on the future version of these fora

Bob Crowley said...

Analog backlash, despite its name, does not require "going backwards" although that is the easiest and simplest thing to do. After digital, there will be other even better technologies. Our post-digital world will be smarter, faster, and do more than perhaps our own imaginations can grasp now. It is certain that materials, especially those that react with electromagnetic fields such as lightwaves, RF and sound, will dominate energy, art, food production and music.

jb said...


Pat Morrissey said...

@ Bob I don't know enough about investment to comment. Would I buy 55 film - yes. Would I pay equivalent prices to Impossible Project fim? - Undoubtedly. Do I think others would buy 55? - Certainly.

Anonymous said...

I assume you took this, Bob. It would be good to have the photographers listed with each one.

Anonymous said...

Is that THE Rob Fraboni, the famous music producer?