Sunday, November 6, 2011

Positive Calotypes, Daguerreotypes, and more

A good number of New55 visitors have expressed interest in early and so-called alternative photographic processes. Here is a link and excerpt from The History and Practice of the Art of Photography Henry Snelling first published in 1849.

At a meeting of the British Association, Professor Grove described a process by which positive calotype pictures could be directly obtained; and thus the necessity to transfer by which the imperfections of the paper are shown, and which is moreover a troublesome and tedious process, is avoided. As light favors most chemical actions, Mr. Grove was led to believe that a paper darkened by the sun (which darkening is supposed to result from the precipitation of silver) might be bleached by using a solvent which would not attack the silver in the dark, but would do so in the light. The plan found to be the most successful is as follows: More here

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