Saturday, November 19, 2011

John D. de Vries, the Speed Graphic, and the Aero Ektar

You should know about the brilliant John D. de Vries, author,  of the website called The Master Site for the Larger Camera. John has written extensively about his passion for the Speed Graphic and Aero Ektar combination, so expensively in fact, that it may take you hours to look at all the information, and even then you cannot be sure, as the navigation of John's site is patterned after the controls of the Speed Graphic, and his own unusual sense of order.

According to Mr. de Vries,  "Never before in photographic history has been written so much about one lens to so few !" and he may be right.

The fitting of maximally-apertured lenses onto large and medium format cameras and tilting them about seems to have reached beyond cult and into the new, or renewed art of real cameras producing real photographs.

If you have not visited John's site before and have even a slight interest in the Speed Graphic and Aero Ektar lenses, and the science and art of large format photography, go here, to this link, and bookmark it immediately, because you will be back again.

If for some reason you are asked for a password, follow the instructions and ask for one, as it is well worth it.


Laura Allen Photography said...

Thank you for sharing this

Bob Crowley said...


I wasn't sure if everyone had seen it. It is quite a resource of information, and amusing insights too!

Ron said...

Is that a 4x5 or standard Polaroid back on the 110A for sale, and is it still for sale?


Bob Crowley said...

Hi Ron,

That's a standard packfilm back on the 110A. It is on hold for another day or two. Over on the right side of the page is "spamless communications method". If you are still interested, follow its convoluted route to my contact info on the SW website, and just send an email or call the lab.

That 110A is a lot nicer than a lot of them.



Iris&David said...

Bob.. just happened on your page on a Facebook entry today.. and what a good bit of news the New55 is.. in whatever form it takes. I got into the 4x5 game rather late (2002/03) and it was my work (2004 elections and Olympics) with the Aero Ektar that caught John's fancy and .. then off he went to create that amazing Speed Graphic resource. I had lunch at his house this past spring when I was in Amsterdam for World Press Photo, and remains as energic and excited about the world of AeroEktar/SpeedGraphic as ever. But then so do I. It's catchy! Thanks for all the work youre doing on New55.. we (all of us 'users') can't wait...

David Burnett

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks for the kind words. We have managed to show that it is possible to produce this film and get results that are interesting and of a character that appeals to us. Now we have to build the consensus for an ongoing marketplace. How about an instant color negative material, or a right reading direct positive? These are also possible if we can release the first product and get the wheel of industry to turn. We still have a way to go.