Monday, September 12, 2011

Any Monday

And another day of playing with obsolete cameras, film, and chemicals. Relics of the past carry unknown futures without our care, we consider their potential for what we might still do, or leave behind. The choice is uncertain: the world changes faster than us or familiar places. Occasionally, something happens to make them appear new, and more interesting.

Click on the images for a close-up view. The top one is a scan of the negative. The two below are PN positives from the same session.


Peter said...

Awesome photo. I really like that solarisation. Although I know it is a side effect it is a good one at that.

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks Peter!

Bimo said...

Great result indeed !

I have a general question about the project (couldn't find an email address here...): are you still looking for a negative AND a positive result at that point, or are you only focused on an instant processing negative, without any positive for the new 55 ?
thanks for your answer.

Bob Crowley said...

"a superb negative, and a positive print too" is how we are putting it. There is an example of both positive and negative in the slideshow in the upper right corner of this page.

Click over to the New55 facebook page for another better shot from Monday.

Bimo said...

Thanks Bob, I had seen the line on top of your site, but missed the slideshow :)
Keep on going, that's an fantastic thing !

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks for the nice words and links from Polaroid Passion which I often look at and enjoy.

The emphasis really is on the negative. Like T55, the amount of information in the neg is 50 times that of the positive, in fact the fine detail is what amazed me from the start.


Bimo said...

I forwarded your very words to the Polaroid passion community, some of us there are very excited about what you're actually doing, as we were when The Impossible Project restarted production of integral film ! Feel free to share there anytim if you wish, and be sure we'll keep an eye on you :)

Bob Crowley said...


If you like, please post this link to the slide show on Polaroid Passion.

thank you

Bimo said...

Done !

Anonymous said...

this is fantastic

Anonymous said...

I'm a complete newbie to both LF and instant (though I've been shooting 35mm and MF film since 1974).

I've got 2 questions:

1) How can I get my hands on some of this film (I live in the UK and work in London)
2) Will it fit a Polaroid 545 back? (If not, what will I need to get to be able to use it in my Wista?)

Really impressed with the test / sample images and I'd be grateful for your comments / advice.

Thanks, Paul Jenkin.

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Paul

Welcome to the fun of 4x5! New55 is currently experimental and not being sold. It is too variable, messy and expensive to produce, at present. A plan is in place to change that. Stay tuned.

And Yes, New55 fits in the 545 back. It is designed to work in that back which is good because they are generally very robust and can last indefinitely.

Thank you for the nice comments on the test shots. Meanwhile, I would look around for some old Polaroid 4x5 material if you can find it at a boot sale for cheap and try that. It's a blast. Also worth checking out with your 4x5 are the various Fuji pack film materials.

There is nothing like getting an actual picture from the camera. No computer, iPad or Facebook, just the photograph. It stands alone and can be surprisingly powerful, and the details from the larger format can seem endless.