Friday, August 26, 2011

Ilford's Steven Brierley audio interview

Tobias Feltus and I visited with Steven Brierley and several others at Ilford in Manchester UK back in May.  Since that time New55 has made substantial, even unexpected progress with a true PN design, but we still look to Ilford to supply certain materials. Ilford supplies some of TIP's sensitive materials and of course has a lot of silver on hand, which is now worth double what it was a year ago or so.

The portion of this podcast with Steven's remarks is on the site "filmwasters" which I know little about, and starts about 15 minutes in. I think it is worth a listen, here.

From Ilford's site:

"The demand for traditional monochrome films and papers remains strong. With Agfa no longer in the black and white photographic market, and Kodak pulling out of manufacturing black and white papers the future of ILFORD PHOTO products looks good for years to come. "

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