Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Frog Tongue

What is the right length of a frog's tongue? It depends on the film if you ask The Impossible Project. Their opacifier - the built in mask that protects the image while it is being developed - is made of earth friendlier materials these days, and needs a little extra time "under the tongue" so to speak, to work.

FROG TONGUE from Impossible Project on Vimeo.

Some users simply slide a sleeve into their SX70s or SLR680 cameras,but not everyone finds this convenient, so, intrepid engineers at The Impossible Project have now made a new tongue kit, that you can install yourself!

It is great to see The Impossible Project evolving into a model of innovation in both films and camera technology. Lots of small steps add up to breakthroughs. The world has changed and is a tougher place for art sometimes - music is free now, for example - so it is encouraging to see a willingness to adopt practical solutions, even if they are just a little tongue of frog.

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Anonymous said...

It's literally the TIP of the tongue! hahaha