Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tobias Feltus and Bob Crowley have pints at Mr. Thomas's in Manchester England

After a superb visit to the impressive Harman Technology/Ilford film plant nearby, Tobias Feltus and I wandered randomly to a pub named Mr. Thomas's Chop House in Manchester, which by lucky coincidence was the place where photographer Jonathan Oakes (link here) was having a first night showing and gathering of his photographs right there. How handy was that? So we proceeded to ask Mr. Oakes to shoot our picture, seen above, and chatted with him and Sandra Oakes, and his many friends and photographic associates who showed up over the course of the evening.

Most did not know that Ilford was still in Manchester!

Mr. Thomas's Chop House - highly recommended. Wonderful food and ambiance within a stagger of the Midland Hotel.

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