Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waterbury 9" Lens from the 19th Century

While we are waiting for someone to scoop up this cool single element Waterbury lens, made by Scovill of NY, I might ask if someone knows what the proper name for the wheeled stops are in this version. I listed it with "Waterhouse stops" and it has been pointed out that this is not a very accurate term to use.

This is a nice brass lens and I had imagined using it on some wood camera project, but we are clearing out a few of the many photographic artifacts here in the lab to augment the fund for materials (or make room for new toys) and have put a couple of things on ebay, this included.


Anonymous said...

They are usually described as wheel stops or rotating stops. Lovely lens

Best regards
David Prakel

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks for the information, David. It is a nice one.

Lightning said...

I found your site while researching info for my Ebay sale of two Waterbury lenses. I am very interested in Vectographs made by Polaroid as I had a good friend, now dead, that made them for Polaroid. I have a Stereo Graphic camera he used at time (late 1930s up) & a sample of a Vectograph of a Life Saver candy image that was up in super large format in NY City Grand Central Station. Image was said to follow you around station!