Saturday, April 16, 2011

Polaroid Waltham Cafeteria - gone

Friday as I was driving to visit EP Levine Photo on Bear Hill Rd., I looked across 128 and noticed that the old Polaroid cafeteria that I had posted an image of here, has been demolished.

Parking the car on that hill, even with the four way flashers on, is quite risky, since tractor-trailers and other high speed and mass vehicles aren't used to anyone stopping along that relatively steep and narrow section of Bear Hill. I quickly scooted out and grabbed the digi, shot, and jumped back into the car just as another large tractor-trailer approached, similar to the one you see in the gap where the caf used to be.

Just wanted readers to know there are certain risks to be taken in our quest for more instant photography, which we accept.  Click on the image to see the pile of rubble. Click here to see what this looked like about a year ago.

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