Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interesting "Polaroid" Video


Bob Crowley said...

There has been some controversy over this video, which shows "Old Pol" materials and leads into the later Post Polaroid/Summit branding of the smaller Instax. Regardless, it shows a Speed Graphic camera, which beats everything in my view.Click on the full screen view - it is quite nice.

Anonymous said...

This video is great! What an excellent, nostalgic look at our favorite film.

Who cares if 55 is expired or no longer being made. A lot of people have large stockpiles of 55 in the fridge (myself included), so I find it not only very relevant but quite interesting. My only disappointment is that it isn't longer, otherwise I totally love it. Bravo!

By the way Bob, is this part of a series put out by Polaroid showing their films in the hands of photographers? If so do you happen to know where can we find other videos showing Type 55 or other "old pol" materials in action?

Bob Crowley said...

I guess the people without large stockpiles of T55 are the ones who would like to see it again. I am sure some of them would appreciate it if you would share some if you have a very large stockpile, as it doesn't seem to improve with age.

Look around for some videos on Youtube and elsewhere and let me know if you find them. There is one video embedded in this blog showing T55 being made.

Anonymous said...

You kidding? Just cause I have some boxes doesn't mean I wouldn't trade the hairs off my left nut in order to see 55 make a comeback! As for sharing, you can take my wife but nobody's getting my 55.

Btw I only said what I did because of the couple negative comments on youtube regarding the whole "bait and switch" controversy, which I think is just sappy. ANY excuse to see Type 55 in action is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

And I did see the factory video you mentioned. Very nice, but it had a very sad, like saying a final goodbye to your favorite uncle, sort of feel.

(sniff, sniff, followed by soft whimpering...)

Okay, that does it, now look what's happened, I've got to go find a tissue and blow my nose. But first I think I'll stop by the fridge and hug my film.