Wednesday, April 13, 2011

i spy with my plastic eye

Sort of reminds me of Luscious Jackson's lyrics to "Naked Eye" which is a favorite here, i spy with my plastic eye consists of artists who we know using various mediums and inexpensive cameras and optics in the most creative and satisfying ways.

Apparently there are two shows and two books, or maybe one new book called i spy with my plastic eye II. To look for yourself (the website won't let me link to or embed any image from it, which makes it difficult for bloggers to point to except this way at this link here.

Well worth a look at this website, and I think I will buy the book!


Zoe Wiseman said...

I knew you were cool. Lucious Jackson! Oh how I loved them.
Thanks for posting about the show! I've got a flyer for it on my website that's much easier to link to. The first show was last year, and that's the show that is currently on display on the iSpy website. Astor Morgan curates a great wall! :)

Bob Crowley said...

See my review of Jill Cunniff's City Beach album on Amazon. Genius songwriter, wish they were still active. Naked Eye was part of the inspiration for one of our most successful microphone lines, and names.

I'll add a link - thanks!

Erin McGuire said...

What an excellent surprise to see a mention of the show on your blog! Thank you so much for posting. Love the blog, BTW. Excellent write up on bleaching Fuji negs. Its one of my favorite things to do these days.

Dee said...

Come to the show!! :)
The link to my work is … then you can view via which camera I use.
See you soon!
Diana Ming Jeong

Lou Barranti said...

[Just a gratuitous personal note]

Hi, Diana!

We met and had a lovely conversation at my daughter Annika's wedding in L.A. six and a half years ago.

I hope the show is, as they say, a great success ("as they say" because I never talk like that, though I do mean it). But see my next comment about the 'i spy…' site, if I actually get to post it (Blogger ate my last comment while I was editing it.).

Best regards,


Lou Barranti said...

This looks like a great show. Too bad I'm not in L.A. As I wrote in a private e-mail to Bob the other day, "How can I even THINK about doing what I am doing? Schneider lenses. Light meters. Nice cameras. I thought I was keeping it simple."

But did I miss something? There doesn't seem to be anything at all on the "i spy with my plastic eye" website regarding the dates of the exhibition or its location. I did see a reproduction of what appears to be a poster for the show (on Zoe Wiseman's website) that does state the location and says there is an "Artists Reception April 21 - 7:00 - 10:00 p.m." But it doesn't say how long the show is up.

I didn't want to come across as telling the organizer his business, but the classic "who, what, when, where…" is pretty basic, so thinking that the photographers might want someone besides their close friends to show up, I wrote to him anyway. Hopefully he will provide some details (and maybe fix the website in the few days remaining).