Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Graflex Super D

We also have a near mint Graflex Super D 4x5 camera with Auto Diaphragm (first ever) and a properly setup graflok back for sale.  The back rotates into portrait or landscape modes with the push of a button.

This is a glimpse of the fine lens, with the lever and spring arrangement. It gets cocked open for focusing, and stops down the instant the shutter button is depressed. What a convenience this must have been!

Just send me an email. This one is all tuned up, very clean, ready for use. I have a PA-45 on it right now, but you can put any modern 4x5 film holder on this camera.

Here is a link to USENET post I wrote about the conversion of this camera to graflok. It is so old I forgot about it, and was posted before google.  Here it is


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob, have you sold it yet? Am interested if you haven't.

You can email me at donwalheim@hotmail.com

Yeah, this is Don Walheim...we disagreed once about Unique Photo's "ethics" regarding their approach to "re-branding" Type 690 instant film...obviously, it didn't effect my love for your blog/project. Keep up the rather awe-inspiring work!

Bob Crowley said...

Wow that's some old usenet stuff, eh? It came out quite nice. I promise more pictures that I will post over on another blog full of stuff for sale.

The camera is being considered by another reader who reached me earlier, but I will let you know if he passes on it.

cory said...

hi/ i'm interested . pls email me
corylum at hotmail.om on price

Bob Crowley said...

This camera has been sold - thank you!