Sunday, April 17, 2011

Norwegian original translates The Impossible Project story

I just happened to be searching for a picture of The Impossible Project factory and ran across a Norwegian language article, which I put through Translator. Sometimes Translator does a very good job, and other times the results are rather humorous. I think that's the case here.

For a Norwegian to English translation of the article, click here

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Anonymous said...

- Now you can not sub-contractors to be picky anymore, we get what we need of materials. Moreover, it seems that investors like concrete, physical tangible things at the moment. And this is not more specific!

One of the investors, however, disappeared. A German, aged dandy on tour with an SX-70 around cashmere coat is impossible to find in the larger premises.

He was crushed behind a computer? Kaps and ask follow up, grinning:

Same it is money in the account! But suddenly he stands there, German. Happy and ruddy, with a stack of Polaroids in his hand.

Good luck, "he said.

Yes, thank you, "said Florian Kaps.
That we need.