Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Instaprint Inkless looks nice in the press

I just noticed a press release showing, and mentioning these Instaprint Inkless photos that have a colorful and contrasty look to them that seems a lot better than the original Zink, so this next generation of inkless Zink has me intrigued and wondering: "what's the world's largest thermal printing head?"

Quite attractive, I thought. Not exactly in our field, these digital prints seem to combine something old and something new, yet, there is a certain appeal that makes me curious what the cost per print will be.  I think the little Zinks are good for IDs and things like that, with their handy, sticky back.

I suppose it is only a matter of time before the successors to the Canon 5D MKII and the Nikon D700 have a slim RF transmitter base that pushes these out in a data stream. On maybe bluetooth or what comes after that, the image sliding out of your sleeve from a wrist-mounted printer. Or maybe not. Maybe the camera will be so miniaturized that it is like a period at the end of this sentence, and all that exists is the paper. Or like a fly's eye, millions of tiny lenticles capture whatever image is on the paper by the application of a quick 1/500th of a second burst of electricity, selectivity heating the photosensitive crystals, and capturing the image. Soon? Maybe.

This stuff should be on a roll too. I've been having fun with the Zink printer I got at Radio Shack on closeout for $39.

Read the press on it here.

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