Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanks for the clips

So much fun to get a nice, well packaged collection of used but useful T55 sleeves and clips. Very much appreciated.


Jason said...

Glad to see it has been received in good order!

Bob Crowley said...


Your expert packaging job was noticed! Thank you again! We are getting ready to spend $$$$$$ for the tool for the clips. It is frighteningly expensive.


Alex said...

Bob, I have an unrelated question.
Do you know if it's it ok to freeze Polaroid 55 for a long term storage?
Thank you.

Bob Crowley said...

Though I have not done this, the conventional thought is that freezing is ok as long as ample thawing time is provided so the reagent and the rest of the film pack reaches operating (room) temperature. Presumably, the lower temperature should reduce egress of water from the pod, which is what happens over time - they dry out. But, this will not solve a leakage problem, as some have minute leaks. The negative film should be well preserved in the deep freeze.

Take one and freeze it for a week, then let it thaw and shoot it - if you do, let us know the result.

Alex said...

The reason I asked is that I came upon an old stack of 55s that have been kept frozen.
I bought them, but I'm worried about the quality now.
As soon as I shoot a few of them, I'll report back with the results.

Thank you again for sharing.

Eric Smith said...

I'd be curious to know the results as well. I would love to learn more about long term storage for 4x5 Polaroids. I have a box of 52 that is from 92 and I tested a sheet and it worked out well. This wasn't even stored in the fridge!