Friday, February 25, 2011

Please like us on Facebook

The deal with Facebook is that we need to get 25 people to like us to have a page like the one you will see if you click on "New55" on the right. Once we reach the magic 25 something happens, angels sing or some features become available, more likely.

Eventually there will be more content and chatter there, and links to other related projects. Right now it is just a few placeholders.

So if you have a moment, please click on that and click "like". If it turns out later you don't like it you can always click unlike. Also I believe you can like it, and then ignore it, so postings from Facebook's New55 page don't intrude upon your network socializing.

I see that FB is trying to add a high res gallery option, and at the same time I don't see Flickr well supported by FB - oh well that doesn't matter.



Max said...

done and done

Christopher Brownfield said...

you guys at New 55 should check out for raising money. You could raise a ton of startup capital there, if you're willing to follow their model of providing limited rewards to contributors. I'd be the first to contribute to this.

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Christopher
If you look back a month or so you can see we did get into Kickstarter, but it is unlikely to raise the amount we need, and isn't really geared toward R&D. Kickstarter is good on the product side for preselling a product that just needs to be made and the design is done, like the iPhone tripod mount. That was a good one! We need about $225K and that is unusually high for Kickstarter. I appreciate your desire to contribute.

I'd welcome a second look: Please go back in this blog (search kickstarter in the upper left) and tell me what you think.