Sunday, February 20, 2011

20X24 Studio

If you haven't taken a close look yet at 20X24 Studio's LARGE format instant images you should check it out here. Also here is a link to their Facebook page.

20X24 Studio Executive Director John Reuter has been managing the operation of this camera and others like it for decades, and the list of famous names who have used and continue to make images on the 20X24 camera seen here, is almost embarrassingly long, and has contracted the Mammoth Camera Company to make two new ones.  Here is the link to their facebook page.

The 20X24 Studio technical crew has been helping the embryonic New55 effort, and even made the introduction to The Impossible Project's Doc Kaps, who visited the New55 lab recently.

20X24 Studio is "The Home of Large Format Instant Photography".

1 comment:

julien said...

hi bob !
Really nice ! i'm working to built my own 20X24 instant camera,
if you want check it out :

i'm following closely your project , i really hope you will make it ! i have only few 55 left .