Sunday, January 16, 2011


This year-long collection (go back here and see) of information and possibilities would be incomplete without mention of Lomography the company, and "Lomography" the artistic culture, fashion and movement.

Less than technically perfect, unexpected, cheap, low tech, analog, accessible to younger people, and interesting by its unimportance,  Lomography the company has aggregated a fun, and apparently successful business out of the castoffs of declining films and combined them with cheap plastic which in the hands of the naive and professional manage to turn out worthy images.

Less than daunting, surprising, cheap, easy, low risk, and a lot of fun, Lomography the movement manages to inspire and introduce newcomers to the field of focal plane imaging that we used to call "photography" in a way not unlike older hands experienced in the days of Spiratone, Federal and Yankee Tanks.

I have a Diana, and the Instax Mini back for it. This has been a challenge to use! But, I think I have some worthy images from them - and it was a lot of fun doing it.  I expect to see many "less is more" product areas develop in all fields of art, and in transportation, food, energy, and entertainment. In some ways it already has done so. Let's not forget why TIP has been well received by the ready and flexible minds of the young, too.

But most of all, check out the film selection Lomography has! Brands I haven't seen in quite a while. What fun!

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jb said...

I adore my Holga. I shoot mostly tmax 400 with it. I develop it at home using Sprint Chemicals. I mainly scan and print digitally out of convenience, but occasionally setup a darkroom in my kitchen and print from there. I recently acquired a slr camera that uses 110 film. Yes, you read that right. It's a Pentax auto 110 that I got for 4.99 U$ at a thrift store. It even came with a roll of 110 film. Just wish it were easier to find more film for it. Love the lomo look.