Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Impossible Project mentions Type 55

Great news Interesting Flickr post I just learned of: The Impossible Project has just announced here (edit: not confirmed) that they are thinking about a T55 type product, presumably integral.  4x5 T55 is dwindling, so I know I will buy it!

Anybody with additional information on this please let us know!

There is much chatter about it here.  The louder the roar, the better our chances!

This post was edited by Bob on Thursday evening after realizing that this was much ado about  speculation, and not necessarily fact.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good news from impossible and fuji! When will these be available?

Eric Smith said...

This is huge news. I wonder how this would work? Does this mean that you'll be able to create a negative also, or is this just going to be a low ISO b&w instant film?

Bob- would this be an opportunity to share findings?

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Eric

I don't know, but I assumed they are talking about a negative, and a sharp one at that.

We've put up virtually everything here. It may not be very well organized, but it's almost all here save some details that would be tedious to post.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be integral pos/neg film and it won't be out until the summer or later. TIP is focusing on getting their color 600 film perfected first.

Bob Crowley said...

Also I have received some comments that I think are right on the money and thank you for sending them - really! We are in cooperative relationships with a bunch of people and groups now. None of them, ourselves included, can tell you if we are going to be successful, and there is a certain amount of hype in all, more in some than others I believe.

Our goal is to to enable the supply of a very high quality 4x5 (and possibly 8X10) negative material, for artistic purposes, that can be easily field processed, such as so-called "instant film" of discontinued Polaroid type 55, and get this to happen any way we can! We will need your help to make it happen.

It is likely to happen. Every day we get closer despite having near zero budget and only a very few active participants at the moment. That's perfectly OK.

As a long time developer of new products, I can tell you that what we are seeing is a sign of vitality, at least, and a desire to compete, and it is fueled by a lot of different passions and agendas, but not as much on money as we are accustomed to with cellphones, notebooks and large corporations. These are all small outfits, TIP is a small outfit, we are tiny, so is 20x24. Together we are aiming high, and some shots will undoubtedly miss, but we need as many as possible to create enough strategic mass for instant photography to recover, stabilize, reform itself to meet requirements of today, and if we are lucky, grow from there.

Anonymous said...


Go back and read the post again. It says integral-size "type 55" film which means it won't be 4x5 in size, but integral size, to fit an SX-70 for instance. So this isn't exactly going to replace the old Type 55 film which so many know and love.

Zoe Wiseman said...

I just shed a happy tear!

Bob Crowley said...

Yes we can see this. Isn't the important thing the high quality type 55 negative, that I assume they are referring to? 8x10 would be nice - we know that TIP has 8x10 in the plans too, but not much detail. As far as size goes, I believe TIP did just show a 20" X 24" integral image of their team, in color.

Anonymous said...

Peter said...

I do believe that TIP have active plans to produce 8x10 integral as well. The pod machine is working and they have saved teh 8x10 machine to produce the film itself. However I do hope they perfect their emulsions fisrt before the start something new. I have 8x10 stuff wich I am eager to try out.
This project and TIP has got me really excited about using instant fil. I am now saving up to buy some Fuji instax.



PS I will send you some clips as well. I don't have much but I would like to help a bit as well.