Thursday, January 20, 2011

First Result: Daylight Processing of TMY/Readyload in Monobath

 Today we finished painting one of the clear tanks, made a sponge cap, exposed a TMY ReadyLoad of a familiar scene, and processed it for 10 minutes in Monobath 3, same as used by DF here.
Afterwards the processed and fogged negative was dunked in the clear tank to have its portrait taken.  I've selected a small section as shot with the digi, rotated it, and reversed it.  It occurs to me that an iPhone app might include a one button PN reversal and maybe a nostalgic border if we used the clear processor and sleeve arrangement in the field.

Except for the obvious fogging caused by light leaks, this looks like a fairly normal negative.  Some things we learned:

1. When wet, the ReadyLoad film sticks in the sleeve and won't come out. This could be easily corrected with some waxed paper in the sleeve.

2. The film has a tendency to lean against and stick to the side of the tank. Rails, are needed on the sides to prevent that.

3. Light leaks from the cap have to be prevented. There were also pinholes in the black paint, which probably produced the fogging in the lower right. The top fog is pretty clearly from the crude foam cap, which was cut from an old microphone case.

4. This scheme will definitely work, and it took maybe 15 minutes, including 10 minutes of processing time, to use.  You might know that with the Efke 25, we can cut the processing time to 2 minutes.


Anonymous said...

It looks like a lot of light went through the foam. You may have to use black rubber instead. I would buy this system after improvements, assuming that sleeves with Efke 25 are in the offing, and it is not too expensive. James.

John Lawler said...

I am very excited about this project! I am a big fan of type 55 and 665 film and I'm down to my last few precious packages.

Richard said...

You folks are doing wonders and I continue to follow what you are doing. Meanwhile I a on a different planet and continue to be a photonerd (which allows me the luxury of some things you can't do) Here is a homemade developing tank producing negatives or positives from my 4x5 in the field...

Bob Crowley said...

Richard, looks good. How many sheets do you process in it, and can you load it in daylight or do you use a changing bag?

Bob Crowley said...

OK I went back and read it. I am also experimenting with the Harman positive paper and monobath! Show us your results.