Wednesday, January 5, 2011

8x10 stuff wanted (needed)

Have one of these? Parts, holders? Do you really need it? We do, because we are working with vendors on sleeves and while we're at it, we ought to start on 8x10.

Yup, 8x10.   Have cash, cattle, or Speed Graphic parts. Call me.

And on another note, Tobias from Germany, thank you for some clips and some 55! Very much appreciated.


Al Lipinski said...

I have a variety of Polaroid processing equipment. I would be glad to post some pictures. I am interested in selling this equipment. Please contact me if there is any interested parties.

Al Lipinski

Unknown said...

There is one at the store I work at. I will take pics tomorrow for you.



Bob Crowley said...

K Harris
Thank you! Also you should know that we have had a good response on this and do have a processor and a couple of good film holders now. The think we are looking for are long expired 8x10 film packs - that can be sacrificed to get all the dimensions before processing. And there are quite a few variations. Please be on the lookout for those as well.

Unknown said...

ok, yay!

Here is a link to the pictures I took of the stuff, just in case.

Polaroid Set

I work at a darkroom/film/camera store, so I will keep my eyes peeled....

MattiaC said...

I've found out this!

Mattia Cuttini

Bob Crowley said...


These are very good. I have one, maybe you should get that one since it is in EU!

Thanks! Bob

MattiaC said...

oh sorry bob! :|

Bob Crowley said...

Please do not apologize. Keep these leads coming Mattia! Thanks

Thom Bennett said...

Are you still looking for processors and film holders? I have a couple if you are interested.

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Thom,

We have enough for the moment, but thanks again to you and all the very generous readers who have been sending in all kinds of stuff for the project.