Thursday, December 9, 2010

Your Film Holder Grabs a Booklet

Here is a link to a publication on using the 545 holder. In very Boston-ish prose, it implores:

"Please keep this booklet within reach of your Polaroid Model 545 film holder"


Balaphoto said...

Great blog!! Salut!!

Frank, Barcelona

Bob Crowley said...


Great city, Barcelona. Lucky person you are to be there. Wonderful images on your blog.

Blake Pack said...

Hey! This blog is awesome! I am just starting to scratch the surface of instant film on my Graflex 4x5, which brings me to a question:
I have a Polaroid 545 back. I also inherited a couple packs of Fujifilm's 100c and bw3000 4x5 sheets. I know these are usually used with the Fujifilm pa-45 or polaroid 550, but wonder if you or anyone you know has ever been able to get this type of film to work with this holder, despite it not being a sheet film.

Your blog is already much appreciated but I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks!

Blake Pack

Bob Crowley said...

I'm sure you could take apart the 4x5 pack film and repackage it in the sleeve format. Obviously this would have to be done in total darkness and would require several new components that would have to be pasted together in advance. I'm not sure if there would be any advantage to doing this, since the 550 and the PA45 are both Graflok compatible.

I have used the pods from FP100b45 to process an Efke PL25 negative onto PP400 receiver, if that counts.

As stated early in this blog, Fujifilm has everything in house to produce a packfilm version of a 55 style P/N product and I believe they have even made prototypes, but I doubt we will ever see it.