Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Response from Kickstarter

Well I think you have done it.  I sent along some of your positive comments to Cindy that were copied and pasted from the comments section.  Who was it who suggested I try Kickstarter?  - special kudos to you, and to everyone who helped make the case.  Step one, right?

Anyway, here is the response - let's prepare, and make the most of this opportunity.  I have already signed up for a "creator account" and I have a log in. Give me a day or so to look into that a little more to see how we can connect Kickstarter to here, or on another site, in a way that we can all define and share this project easily online.

Meanwhile, please take a look at kickstarter.com for examples of successful projects, and some that have not been.  Creativity is obviously a prerequisite - while we're at it, let's innovate too, not just mimic the past, but make something new and valuable that belongs in our future.


"Hi Bob,

Wow -- what a great community you've got! I think you've definitely picked out
some of the best suggestions :)

Congratulations -- you’re in! In just a moment, you’ll be able to start getting
your project ready. Yay!

Take as much time as you need to prepare. There’s no deadline to launch. Check
out some of our Recommended projects, browse the FAQ, and read the project
guidelines. They'll give you a feel for what works and help you shape your
project into a great one.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

1) A video is a must. It makes an emotional connection and shows you care. Plus,
projects with video succeed at a much higher rate!

2) Cool rewards make a big difference. Not every reward has to be special, but
they’re a great opportunity to share what’s unique to you and your project.

3) Spreading the word pays off. You provide the experience and the idea, your
network helps fund and promote it.

Also, when considering your funding goal, remember that it's an all-or-nothing
deal -- you can always raise more, but never less!"

Ready? Let’s get started!

To begin building your project, log-in to Kickstarter and then click the green
"Start Your Project" button on the start page.

All best,


Eric Smith said...

This is awesome news! I definitely think you'll get some great support from the traditional large format photographers and artists. This is an exciting time, and I can't wait to help! Let me know how I can help.

Eric Smith

Theodoros Chliapas said...

That's great!

If you would like my help on the video side (and not only),
i'm here to help!

Brad Brok said...

What were your ideas on some of the rewards? Just curious, Im planning on funding this project when it's up, and spreading the word. I was just wondering what your tiering of rewards would be, like some of the first batches of New 55, all the way up to a kit speed graphic w/ New 55 starter kit (for a funding of about $1250 or so). Something cool, fun, and rewarding once this project is finally started!

Alex said...

One little victory at a time :)

Bob Crowley said...

Brad, first thanks for your support!

I don't have an answer for you yet. We are now looking at the current budget which is in the very high range for kickstarter, and looking for ways to keep it within reason.

A whole Speed Graphic kit! Wow that is a cool and doable idea. Thanks.

Bob Crowley said...


Thanks for your offer. What kind of things would you prefer to help with? You can PM me at w1xyz@aol.com if you like. The second character is number one.

Aaron said...

Sorry I've been absent for a month or so. Work commitments. I am definitely on board and will help with funding as best I can.

A plus for me would be if the negative is amenable to alternative processes (i.e. UV transparent). I believe Efke is. I like to take a classroom of quick portraits, develop and then have the kids make cyanotypes.

Bob Crowley said...


Glad you have been busy. I think you would be quite intrigued by developments of late, and we are working on a rev II budget (pared down) to see if we can make this happen. If it does, it portends several new product opportunities and a potential for future growth.